Welcome to Mai Designs!

This site offers samples of various designs created for people who would like to extend their artistic talents, business and services.

Art can be described as raw emotion and passion transferred from one’s heart, mind and soul to another medium presented in a manner to stimulate to the senses. If you are one of the lucky ones who can combine their passion and careers then we have something in common. As artists and computer programmers, entering the world of digital design has allowed us to combine two of our biggest passions, art and technology. What are your passions? How can we help you reach others who are searching to find the services that you offer? We can help you capture your clients by enticing their senses. Our services include web design for Internet communication and advertisements and graphic designs for professional publication.

We also offer a varieties of knit and crochet items. Check out String Attached site. All our items are 100% handmade. We also accept custom orders.

Who better to support your business then the ones who do it with a passion? Feel free to contact us for consultation.